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high efficiency space solar power

YIM SPACE as a professional high efficiency space solar power manufacturer and supplier in China, all the high efficiency space solar power have passed the international industry certification standards, and you can be completely assured of quality. If you do not find your own Intent high efficiency space solar power in our product list, you can also contact us, we can provide customized services.
  • SC-3GA-3 Space Triple Junction GaAs Solar Cell Assembly Eff 30%
    Size: 30% Triple Junction Solar Cell(CIC)
    Area: 3015mm2/Size: 80.0mm×40.0mm /Thickness: 155±20 um 
    Weight:<125mg/cm2(with cover glass and bypass diode ) Typical Electrical Parameters (AM0, 135.3mW/cm2, 25℃)
    Jsc=17.2mA/cm2,Voc=2.70V,Vm=2.36,Jm=16.4,Eff= 30%
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  • Space Triple Junction Solar Cell Assembly 30%TJ80SCA
    Technical Description 30%TJ80SCA
    This cell type is an GaInP2/GaAs/Ge on Ge substrate triple junction solar cell assembly (efficiency class 30-32%). The solar cell assembly is equipped with an discrete Si bypass diode, interconnectors and cover glass.
    Triple-junction GaAs Solar Array
    Triple-junction GaAs Solar Array is consiste Triple-junction GaAs Solar Array or solar panels in a certain way of electrical assembly.Characteristics is high output power,high strong anti-radiation capacity,wide application range.
    LEO,MEO,GEO and explorations of the spacecraft
    Flight experience
    satellites of SJ series ,satellites of GY series.
    Each product we will provide a rigorous test report.
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Shanghai YIM of Space Power-sources specializes in supplying China Aerospace Group (CASC) space solar cell products. Shanghai YIM main tasks cover the design, supply, test and new product research of...



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