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Cube Satellite, Star Chain Satellite Special Solar Panel

 The RAMS (Rapid Assembling Modular Solar-panels) are solar panels that can be put together quickly. They have a thin carbon fiber-aluminum honeycomb board as their module structure, and a carbon fiber-aluminum honeycomb frame structure. With several modules and frames assembled, the panels can be put together quickly and used as either a spacecraft solar array plate or a development board. They can produce between 15W and 530W of power. These modular solar panels can be used with existing deployments and drive mechanisms, and can be up to 23mm thick.
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    Cube satellite solar panels come in various dimensions, ranging from 2U to 6U, and are compatible with different satellite interfaces, such as ISIS. The solar panel material options include FR4, multilayer ceramic plates, and Kapton Aluminum, with a thickness specification of 1.6mm or 2.1mm or customized. The SAP100 product is a 1U cubic star solar panel that can be used on the top or bottom of the satellite and is equipped with optional accessories, such as solar sensors, temperature sensors, magnetic torque, and MEMS gyroscope.




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