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IoT dedicated solar cell modules

Introducing our high-quality and reliable Wild Animal Locator Solar Panel, designed specifically for GPS locators, wearable devices, and IOT applications in the great outdoors. With its advanced solar technology, this solar panel provides a consistent and efficient power supply to your devices, ensuring they stay powered up and ready to go, no matter where your adventures take you. Made from durable materials, this solar panel is built to withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions, making it the perfect choice for anyone who needs a dependable and long-lasting power source for their outdoor equipment. So why wait? Order your Wild Animal Locator Solar Panel today and experience the ultimate in outdoor power solutions!
  • MSCM-4.5-28.6

  • YIM

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GaAs Cell Module

Efficient solar micro component technology reply on the space power products, the conversion efficiency is 30%. The thickness of the component is less than 1 mm, and have good tolerance to high energy density and special environment, light quality, preparation into various shapes of the structure of the miniature solar cell module, which can be used in wearable devices and micro devices of power supply continuously, moreover, micro regional composite can be realized.


MSCM is a miniature photovoltaic cell power generation module. It uses two aerospace triple junction Gaas solar cells with an average conversion efficiency of 29.0% (AM0, 1sun, 136.7mW/cm2, 25°C). When used on the ground, the standard design voltage is 4.5V, and the operating current is 12.5mA. It can be used as a primary power supply in the fields of wearables, Internet of Things, etc. to directly supply power to batteries and electronic products


High efficiency, thin and light;

Sealed and waterproof;

Good anti-occlusion performance;

Excellent low light response;

Good environmental adaptability.


MSCM is mainly composed of printed circuit board, GaAs solar cell, EVA glue and TPT film; it adopts integrated design of structured circuit and cooperates with advanced sealing technology, which has high integration, stable and reliable performance, and can meet the requirements of various use requirements in a complex natural environment.




Shanghai YIM of Space Power-sources specializes in supplying China Aerospace Group (CASC) space solar cell products. Shanghai YIM main tasks cover the design, supply, test and new product research of...



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