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SC-3GA-3 Space Triple Junction GaAs Solar Cell Assembly Eff 30%

Size: 30% Triple Junction Solar Cell(CIC)
Area: 3015mm2/Size: 80.0mm×40.0mm /Thickness: 155±20 um 
Weight:<125mg/cm2(with cover glass and bypass diode )
Typical Electrical Parameters (AM0, 135.3mW/cm2, 25℃)
Jsc=17.2mA/cm2,Voc=2.70V,Vm=2.36,Jm=16.4,Eff= 30%
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triple-junction GaAs solar cell

The triple junction GaAs solar cell consists of a germanium (Ge) bottom cell, an indium gallium arsenic (InGaAs) middle cell and a gallium indium phosphorus (GaInP2) top cell connected in series, with an n/p cell structure.

Typical photoelectric conversion efficiency is 30% and typical dimensions is 80.0mm x 40.0mm x 0.155mm.

 Cover glass

The cover glass is made of radiation resistant cover glass with MgF2 film vapour plated on the surface, the width of the edge defect of the MgF2 film due to tooling does not exceed 0.5 mm and the total area of the defect does not exceed 5% of the total area of the cover glass.

Typical dimensions of the cover glass is 80.15mm x 40.15mm x 0.12mm.

 Bypass diodes

Bypass diodes use silicon diodes.

In the absence of light and with an applied short-circuit current of 1.2Isc, the on-state voltage of the silicon diode is less than 1.0V.

In the absence of light and with an applied -4V reverse voltage, reverse leakage current of the silicon diode is less than 10μA

Typical dimensions are 10.0mm x 10.0mm x 0.17mm

 Interconnecting pieces

The interconnecting pieces are silver-plated interconnects with an outermost layer of silver, 30μm±5μm thickness, of which the silver is not less than 99.95% pure.

The interconnecting piece has a strain relief ring which is intact and undamaged

Interconnecting piece stress relief rings tested to fatigue without fracture.

Typical dimension is 8.0mm x 6.5mm x 0.03mm.




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