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  • Q What services can you provide?

    Pre-sales service and after-sales service, details pls refer to RESOURCES-TECH TIPS.
    Accepted Payment Currency: USD,EURO, RMB
    Language Spoken: Chinese, English, etc..
  • Q What products can you provide to clients?

    Space level Triple-junction GaAs solar cell.
    Space level Triple-junction GaAs solar panel.
    Space level battery and power system.
    Flexible triple-junction GaAs solar cell.
    Thin film solar cell for UAVs.
    Micro Triple-junction GaAs solar cell for IOT purpose.etc..
  • Q Why should choose YIM not others?

    YIM is a professional distributor of space solar cells in China. Our advantages are as follows.
    1. Professional and experienced staff
    Our sales and technical staff have many years of experience in the space solar cell industry. They can provide multi-language services and technical support, enabling us to provide a full range of services from pre-sales services, cargo transportation to after-sales service.
    2. Complete solution
    We can provide a wide range of space solar cells, including space solar cells for satellites, drone solar cells, GPS tracker solar cells, and custom-made satellite solar cells printed circuit boards (PCB), space power systems. Therefore, we are a one-stop service provider that allows customers to buy whatever they want in our company.
    3. Reliable equipment performance
    YIM started from 2012, has provided more than 100 clients stable products from more than 30 countries. 95% clients are working with us in a stable and longterm relationship. Space solar cells support international warranty services with high energy efficiency, high operational stability and low failure rate. In addition, buyers can enjoy convenient maintenance and replacement services and professional technical support anytime, anywhere.
  • Q How can you guarantee quality?

    YIM makes test process very strictly before products going out from factory. After production, YIM always provides products photos and test reports for clients. Every solar cell has its own series number, clients can find its performance parameters on the test report according to the series number.
    And for guarantee our space solar cells offer a 12 month warranty (except for damage caused by man-made damage or improper handling), during which we can offer a free replacement service. To meet different needs, we can also produce space solar cells based on your design drawings and design products based on your requirements for the final product.
  • Q Can you provide one free sample?

    A YIM can provide samples in any time(most of time we have stocks), but samples have MOQ and it is not free.

Resources About Solar Cells

  • Q Pre-sale service

    1. In addition to general product introductions, we can also help customers select the right device model based on the desired end product category.
    2. Design cost-effective solar cells and space power systems according to customer's specific requirements.
  • Q Services provided during production

    1. After receiving the advance payment, we will arrange production immediately. Detailed delivery times can be negotiated according to custom requirements.
    2. In the solar cell manufacturing process, we will communicate with customers in a timely manner and provide regular feedback on production planning.
    3. Regular inspections and strict quality control are available in every production process.
  • Q After sales service

    We want to build long-term friendly relationships with our customers. We are customer-oriented and constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers and protect their interests.
    We have professional after-sales service personnel to provide thoughtful 24 hours service to ensure that each of our customers can rest assured when buying and using our solar cells.
  • Q After sales pledge

    1. After production, we can provide photos and test report of solar cells. Free on-site training is only available in China, and travel and accommodation costs are borne by the customer.
    2. YIM solar cells are backed by a one-year warranty. During this time, we can provide a free replacement service, except for the replacement of consumables or equipment that is damaged or malfunctioned due to human factors and force majeure.
    3. For quality problems found during the use of solar cells, we will respond within 24 hours after receiving the user notification.
    4. Help users solve solar battery failure problems.
    5. We provide multilingual services. Customers can get clear technical solutions by phone or online consultation.
    6. We provide solar cell parts and accessories. Technical support is also available.
  • Q Handling and storage

    Handling and storage
    SPACE solar cells contain harmful substances arsenic (As) and phosphorus (P) and shall be handled with care using appropriate hand protection (eg. latex gloves). Human consumption of cells, broken pieces and inhalation of dust may results in health reasons and should be avoided. In case of direct skin contact, hand washing is strongly recommended.
    In case of the cell breakage, cleaning up of contaminated parts is recommended.The use vacuum tweezers for handling is recommended.The cell shall be protected from humidity and moisture, which may cause oxidation and corrosion of Ge substrate and other parts of the solar cell (metallization, III/Vsemiconductor materials, ARC).
    The cells shall be transported and stored in dry conditions. Outgasing of any substances from the storage package has to be avoided.
  • Q Processing

    The recommended material for front side interconnectors is gold or silver.
    Soldering process requires the use silver-saturated solder to avoid dissolution of the cell metallisation. The soldering process temperature should not exceed 300°C for short time (about 1 min).The recommended solder material should be Sn96.5/Ag3.5 or any other suitable silversaturated solder. For mounting a secondary optics or a cover glass on top of the cell, flexible glue is required to avoid mechanical strain to the cell and, especially, to the metal fingers.
    For cleaning purposes, ethanol or isopropyl alcohol are allowed at dimed light conditions.Different solvents in combination with light or induced voltage could stimulate dendrite growth on the metallisation, which caused by silver electro-migration. Shearing force to the metal finger grid shall be avoided.
    Smearing metal over the cell edge is not allowed due to risk of the short-circuit.
    At any process- and operation condition, solar cells shall be protected from electrical discharge.
  • Q Operation

    The cell shall not overcome a maximum operation temperature of 150°C.
    The cell operation at open-circuit condition is not allowed. There is a serious risk to overheat the cell or its local areas which could damage the cell. An inhomogeneous illumination could cause local overheating. The inhomogeneity of the cell illumination shall not exceed factor 2.
    In a module, each solar cell has to be protected by a bypass diode.Current and/or voltage spikes during operation, connection and disconnection to the grid should be avoided
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