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    Shanghai YIM of Space Power-sources specializes in supplying country level space solar cell products. Shanghai YIM main tasks cover the design, supply, test and new product research of power-source for space and new energy field. Our products include power-sources subsystem of space vehicles and solar cell,storage battery,power control unit and ground photovoltaic power generation system,energy storage system,power Li-ion batteries of new energy field.
    Triple junction GaAs solar cells are our main products. Triple junction GaAs solar cells in missions like Yaogan-32, Moziji, Haiyang-2B, Beidou-42, Piaochong-5, Chang’e-4,wangtong-1, Beidou-3(M12), Gaofen-11(02), ZY-3(03),NH-1,TT-5 and so on present very good performance. They are qualified for both Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites according to standard ECSS E ST20-08C.An low-orbit high voltage 100V bus power conditioner were successfully applied in space vehicles for the first time in China. The successful application of above-mentioned advanced technology of electrical power-sources subsystem in orbit set a mentioned in the history of space vehicles in China.
    At present,YIM is the leader of TJ GaAs market share, which supported by annual capacity of parallel manufacturing for dozens of satellite power subsystems. It has provided good quality power-sources products and subsystem solutions of space vehicles and ground applications for more than 30 counties in the world. Our client are all long term and stable clients in space industry.
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Introduction of Our Production Center

   In our cooperate production center there are more than 1000 employees, including more than 600+ technical personnel, 60+ doctor degree workers, 400+ master degree workers; 40+provincial and ministerial experts have been introduced to our company, including experts from the “National Thousand Talents” Plan, experts on special fund of The State Council, experts on outstanding contributions to national defense, and leading talents of Shanghai. There are the National Key Laboratory of space power technology, the research and development center of electronic power, chemical power, physical power and other power supply, and the international science and technology cooperation base of space power technology. We also have postdoctoral workstation for aerospace science.
   Institute has undertaken key national scientific research projects and pre-research projects such as manned spaceflight, lunar exploration, Beidou navigation, deep space exploration, high-resolution earth observation, new-generation heavy-lift vehicles, new-generation remote sensing platforms, spaceflight and so on. In our institute there are 1 national key laboratory, 1 international science

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Shanghai YIM of Space Power-sources specializes in supplying China Aerospace Group (CASC) space solar cell products. Shanghai YIM main tasks cover the design, supply, test and new product research of...



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