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For space power plant, everyone has different special concerns about it, and what we do is to maximize the product requirements of each customer, so the quality of our space power plant has been well received by many customers and enjoyed a good reputation in many countries. YIM SPACE space power plant have characteristic design & practical performance & competitive price, for more information on the space power plant, please feel free to contact us.
  • 30% Efficiency 1U solar panel (top/bottom)
    Cube satellites are representative of microsatellites and nanosatellites. The initial definition of a cube satellite was an external dimension of 10cm × 10cm × 10cm cube is also known as a cube satellite, consisting of multiple standard cube units (Units), such as 2U cube satellites, 3U cube satellites, 6U cube satellites, etc.
    CubeSat Concept Definition
    The interface between the solar panel and the satellite varies depending on the manufacturer, provided that the overall dimensions of the cube satellite comply with the specifications of the cube satellite. This product is compatible with ISIS (Innovative Solutions In Space) cubic satellite interfaces (Clyde and other standards can be customized).
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  • Cube Satellite, Star Chain Satellite Special Solar Panel
     The RAMS (Rapid Assembling Modular Solar-panels) are solar panels that can be put together quickly. They have a thin carbon fiber-aluminum honeycomb board as their module structure, and a carbon fiber-aluminum honeycomb frame structure. With several modules and frames assembled, the panels can be put together quickly and used as either a spacecraft solar array plate or a development board. They can produce between 15W and 530W of power. These modular solar panels can be used with existing deployments and drive mechanisms, and can be up to 23mm thick.
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  • 30% Efficiency Quickly Modular Solar Panels
        Rapidly modular solar panels (RAMS, Rapid Assembling Modular Solar-panle) with a thin carbon fiber - aluminum honeycomb board as a module structure, combined with carbon fiber - aluminum honeycomb frame structure, through a number of modules and frame assembly, you can achieve solar panels Of the rapid assembly and integration, both as a spacecraft solar array plate can also be used as a development board, the output power range of 15W ~ 530W. Modular solar panels can accommodate existing deployments and drive mechanisms with a total thickness of up to 23mm
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Shanghai YIM of Space Power-sources specializes in supplying China Aerospace Group (CASC) space solar cell products. Shanghai YIM main tasks cover the design, supply, test and new product research of...



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