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What Is Crystal Structure Of GaAs

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    It belongs to sphalerite type lattice structure with lattice constant of 5.65 × 10-10m, melting point 1237 ℃, band gap 1.4 ev. Gallium arsenide, chemical formula GaAs. Black gray solid, melting point 1238 ℃. It can exist stably in the air below 600 ℃ and will not be eroded by non oxidizing acids. Because GaAs crystals are very stable, So if the body absorbs a small amount of GaAs, it can be ignored. When the wafer polishing process (grinding GaAs wafer to make the surface particles smaller), the surface area will react with water to release or decompose a little As.

    The environmental condition of photovoltaic (PV) systems is getting better because materials are used more effectively in their production and the overall system performance is improved. Our analysis details the material and Energy Inventory in the life cycle of high concentration photovoltaic system, and evaluates its energy recovery time, life cycle greenhouse gas emissions and land and water use according to the measured field performance. Although the operation of high concentration photovoltaic system requires a lot of maintenance, its life cycle environmental load is much lower than that of flat panel c-Si system operating in the same high sunshine area.

    Gallium arsenide can be made into semi insulating high resistance materials with a resistivity of more than 3 orders of magnitude higher than that of silicon and germanium, which can be used to make integrated circuit substrates, infrared detectors γ Photon detector, etc. Because its electron mobility is 5 ~ 6 times higher than that of silicon, it has been widely used in the fabrication of microwave devices and high-speed digital circuits. Semiconductor devices made of GaAs have the advantages of high frequency, high temperature and low temperature performance, low noise and strong radiation resistance. In addition, it can also be used to make transfer devices - volume effect devices. Gallium arsenide is a     semiconductor material with many advantages, but the crystal triode made with it has small magnification and poor thermal conductivity, so it is not suitable for making high-power devices. Although gallium arsenide has superior properties, due to its decomposition at high temperature, it is technically required to produce high-purity single crystal materials with ideal chemical ratio.

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