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Gaas Arsenide Solar Cells

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    Solar photovoltaic power generation has made great progress in the world. The commonly used photovoltaic cells are generally polycrystalline silicon and monocrystalline silicon cells. However, due to the limited supply capacity of raw material polycrystalline silicon and the speculation of international speculators, the price of polycrystalline silicon in the international market has risen all the way. In the past year, the price has fallen due to the impact of the economic crisis, but this shock has brought difficulties to the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry. At present, there are two ways to solve this difficulty: one is to use thin-film solar cells, the other is to use concentrating solar cells to reduce the dependence on raw materials. The conversion rate of common thin-film batteries is low, so the new high-power concentrating battery system has attracted the attention of researchers. The concentrating solar cell focuses the sunlight several times, dozens of times, hundreds of times or even thousands of times with a convex lens or paraboloid mirror, and then projects it onto the solar cell. At this time, the solar cell may produce a corresponding multiple of electric power. They have the advantages of high conversion rate, small battery floor area and less consumables. Gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cells are representative of high power concentrating cells.

    GaAs is a III-V compound semiconductor material. Its energy gap matches the solar spectrum and can withstand high temperature. Compared with silicon solar cells, GaAs solar cells have better performance,so its highly cited paper on gaas arsenide solar cells.

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However, due to its high energy conversion efficiency, GaAs battery is a promising photovoltaic power generation device, which is a good alternative for promoting the utilization of new energy and creating a clean living environment in the future

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